Enjoy is an awesome company, with a great set of goals. To put it simply they want to get technology into the hands of as many people as possible and they want those people to understand it. That’s why when you order a product from Enjoy you can get a set delivery time and an expert will bring it to you and get it setup. Think of it as Amazon’s delivery speed paired with Apple’s tech support, all mixed into one great package at no extra cost. Enjoy started off being available in New York City and San Fransisco, then they expanded across the river to Hoboken New Jersey, but they are not stopping.

Today, Enjoy announced that they are expanding to Los Angeles, otherwise known as LA and the lands of the stars. Enjoy started around 10 months ago and they are not stopping in LA, they have already marked there eyes on Chicago as their next expansion point. Adding more cities is important and customers have asked for it.

Enjoy notes that people from as far away as Sydney, Australia have written in and asked for Enjoy to launch there. The market is large and Enjoy is taking it one step at a time, ensuring the service bar is the best every time.

In terms of their product line, it is ever-growing as well. Enjoy offers products from Apple, GoPro, DJI, SONOS, Boosted Board, Lenovo, HP, and many others. They also have a partnership with AT&T for phones and tablets, this is built right into check out on AT&T’s online store.

If you haven’t tried out Enjoy, I would highly recommend it; The Experts truly know what they are doing and want to help. They love the technology along with the goals and mission behind it. Enjoy is now available in LA, as well as NYC, San Fransisco and Hoboken New Jersey.


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