Enjoy is making waves in 2o16, last year they launched in NYC and San Fransisco as their main markets. But now they are expanding to the great state of New Jersey, or at least to one market in the state. Starting today, Enjoy is now available in Hoboken NJ, which is quite the town.

You might be wondering what Enjoy does, it brings the shopping experience to you. In that you order a product from there it gets personally delivered to you by an Enjoy Expert and they set it up and get you going with it. Specifically for phones, if you purchase a smartphone from AT&T and live in an Enjoy market, you can get free delivery and setup from Enjoy.

Enjoy’s market place has grown, they offer products from Apple, GoPro, DJI, SONOS, Boosted Board, Lenovo, HP, and many others. Chances are these will keep growing as more products are released.

The CEO and Founder of Enjoy is Ron Johnson, who built the Apple retail store and also worked at Target and JC Penny. He stated this about the expansion to Hoboken,

“When we launched in New York City last spring, we began to hear from our Hoboken neighbors that they’d too love to be able to benefit from the knowledge of Experts in the comfort of their own homes. It’s exciting to be able to help connect an eager new audience with the world’s leading technology in a way that’s completely personalized to their needs and interests.” 
As you can see, Enjoy is listening to it’s customers and to potential customers. They are excited to expand there unique and refreshing service to more people. Chances are we might see more expansions into the state in the months to come.

If you haven’t tried out Enjoy, I would highly recommend it; The Experts truly know what they are doing and want to help. They love the technology along with the goals and mission behind it. Enjoy is now available in Hoboken New Jersey, as well as NYC and San Fransisco.



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