Android Wear is Google’s software for smart watches and its biggest update yet. Android Wear 2.0 will be landing this Fall for all, but a developer preview has been released today. It brings several new features that have been developed from input gained from customers and developers.

Similar to the Apple Watch, Android Wear is getting Complications for the watch face. And these are little bits of information that can be seen right on your watch face, in a customized location. Developers will be able to build Complications into their applications and can allow for unique experiences for end-users.

Along with Complications, keyboard and handwriting input methods are being added to Android Wear. The handwriting input method will be similar too Digital Touches on the Apple Watch.

Lastly and probably the biggest update is being done to the user interface. Not only do you have a new circular application launcher, but it has a new dark interface. Piggy backing off of Google Assistant, you will have ready-to-go message replies. And to finish it off Google Fit will get new fitness capabilities for tracking and storage of data.

Android Wear 2.0 will be launching for the public this Fall, but a developer preview is available today.


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