Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has put a halt on sales and has issued a full recall of the Galaxy Note7. This device was pegged to be a stellar smartphone and Samsung’s flagship for the second half of 2016. An issue was discovered with the lithium-ion battery that could result in exploding, melting and catching on fire. As a consequence of this, Samsung decided to stop shipments, pause sales and issue a recall.

While they took some time deciding on the recall, the exchange process is still a bit up in the air. After all, Samsung doesn’t necessarily sell the device, so they have to work the retailers.
AT&T is allowing customers to both return and exchange the Galaxy Note7, and its accessories. Customers who have the Note7 can trade it in for basically any device including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 active.

These customers will eventually be offered the option to get a new Note7 with no battery issue as well. The carrier will also provide you with a device for the interim until the new Note7’s are available.

When returning the Note7 or any of its accessories, AT&T will refund the full price, and restocking fees will be waived. If you opt to get another Samsung device, which many might not, AT&T will give you a $25 bill credit.



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