Apple AirPods Unboxing and First Look!


Apple’s AirPods are finally here. They were announced back with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with a release date of late October and then pushed back for no clear reason. However, it is the middle of December and Apple’s wireless headphones are here.

Coming in at $159 you get AirPods, a charging case, and a lighting to USB A cable. You also get some directions and warranty information, but no Apple Stickers.

The pairing process is ridiculously simply— All you do is open the lid to the AirPods next to your iPhone, and they will ask you to unlock to pair. From there it takes about two seconds, and they are ready to go. It will sync across your iCloud account so that it will work with a majority of your devices.

They are very light and feel like a solid product. The sound was surprisingly good; they get very loud with clear definition while listening.