CES 2017 might not start until next week, but that is not stopping companies like Samsung to start early. While Samsung has not yet announced the hardware, new services are coming.

For 2017, Samsung is rolling out “personalized Smart TV services”– Sports, Music, and TV Plus are coming soon. While this not a new platform, this is an updated for the current hub.

The Sports service aims to let fans know where and when they can catch their favorite teams. It will provide notifications on when the games will air and how to watch them. This is housed under one interface allowing easy access to watching the games. Samsung is planning to partner with content providers like NBC and UFC.

Samsung’s Music interface will work with several streaming platforms– these are Spotify, iHeartRadio, Napster, Deezer, Sirius XM, Vevo, Melon, and Bugs. Your TV will be able to identify to music from TV programs, think of this as Shazam but automated for the content being watched.

The last service is TV Plus, which is currently available in South East Asia and the United States. It allows easy access to IP-based channels, meaning you can access content from these services in line on the TV itself. The biggest partner as of now is Fandango Now which will let you rent or buy movies. Hopefully, they will add in other services like Netflix or Hulu in the future.

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