LG saved the best for last at its 2017 CES Press Conference; Introducing the next generation of OLED, the LG OLED TV W. While they didn’t give an exact definition of what the “W” stands for, it might be for wow or wallpaper. This entire line consists of 10 new models, including the flagship 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W which has the picture-on-wall design.

These flagship W7 models are thin; the 65-inch one is just 2.57-millimeters thick, which is just absolutely insane. It is a marvel, and it looks more like an art piece than a TV. It also features a soundbar that has the HDMI parts as there is one port that goes into W7 model due to its design. The W7 models also feature Dolby Atmos for room-filling audio

Along with the 77-inch, LG is also releasing the 65-inch W7, 77- and 65-inch G7, 65- and 55-inch E7, 65- and 55-inch C7 and 65- and 55-inch B7. All of these feature Active HDR which show greater detail across the image. They also have pixel dimming control which offers supreme blacks without any light leakage. The latter of which is quite common on LCD and LED TVs without the proper adjustment.New for this year is ULTRA Luminance Technology which analyzes the image and adjusts the brightness level for the ultimate picture.

LG brought it A-Game this year, and I have no doubt that the new OLED TV W lineup will impress. Customers interested in seeing the flagship W7 models the quickest are in luck. BestBuy’s in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Boca Raton, FL, and Paramus, NJ. will have them on display tomorrow. Yes, these stores will be the first place, out of the show floor, to check out the flagship model.

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