Switchmate made waves last year with a one-second installation for a dimming switch. One that required no electrical knowledge or any installation time. Today at CES 2017 they are expanding their home automation and home security line with two new products. The Switchmate Bright and Switchmate Power are launching this month.

Let’s start with Switchmate Bright is the next generation of the first smart dimming switch. It still attaches to an existing lighting switch, whether it be a toggle or a rocker, with ease. While you still have the strong magnets inside that keep it on the wall, this updated version is slimmer and narrower. It also allows for a one size fits all as it can handle multiple devices on a single switch plate. This year you get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity inside, but it is still accessed from an easy to use mobile application.

Switchmate Power is brand new and gives you dual socket control that can be independent of one another. Here the setup is remarkably simple as you just plug it into a current outlet. Setup is done through the Switchmate mobile application as well. As a bonus, Switchmate Power has tow USB ports and can serve as a nightlight with built-in LEDs.

All of Switchmate’s work with several smart home ecosystems like Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Samsung Home, and Wink. This year if you want to have remote access from anywhere at any time, you can get the “Zip” WiFi/BLE bridge– As Bluetooth and WiFi are built-in to both of these.

The Switchmate Bright will retail for $44.99, and Switchmate Power will cost $39.99 when they launch later this month.

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