Just back in January, only three short months ago, Instagram Stories had around 150 million users a day. However, the Facebook-owned social network is expanding and now has over 200 million active users a day just on the Stories platform. Keep in mind that much of Stories is based on Snapchat, but they have proven differences through some new features.

Even though Instagram has hit 200 million, they are not stopped. Moreover, While it started as a Snapchat copy, I do have to admit they have some cool new features. For starters with Instagram Direct, they have almost completed the Snapchat copy and will now let you have chats, which can be viewed in line. It also allows you have to these conversations on a more personal basis with some cool visuals added in.

Moreover, while Direct came just last week, Instagram has more up their sleeves. This time they are introducing the “selfie sticker” which allows you to add more flare to your posts. You can add several of these selfie stickers to same the image or even pin it in a video with a particular effect. On top of this new image effects, there are plenty of new stickers being added as well.

With 200 million users a day on Instagram Stories, it seems that might also be beating Snapchat. Either way, whatever bubble it appeared that Snapchat had, they have an uphill battle to start working on, to say the least.


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