Bruce Springsteen might have a Broadway residency this Fall

I have reached out to both Bruce Springsteen's Publicist and the Walter Kerr Theater, both of them have declined to comment--But we still might get a "boogaloo down Broadway and come back home with the loot."

Photo Courtesy of Henry Ruggeri.

Bruce Springsteen is currently enjoying a bit of downtime, although he is still popping up around New Jersey, but as usual the rumor mill is constantly churning. The latest is a rumor with a solid source that Bruce Springsteen will be heading to unchartered territory later this year– In that The Boss might have a Broadway residency this fall. I have reached out to both Bruce Springsteen’s Publicist, and the Walter Kerr Theate both of them have declined to comment.

It would appear that he will be performing five nights a week for eight weeks at the Walter Kerr Theatre in NYC. The theater has been empty since May and its owner, Jujamcyn Theaters has no plans for the rest of year. It would be pretty hard to book a theater, even of its size, on such short notice.

According to Michael Riedel, a well-known Theater reporter for The New York Post, the Walter Kerr Theatre and Bruce Springsteen struck a deal in which he gets the venue for rent free– More specifically he will get ticket sales, and the theater gets the concession sales. Mr. Riedel has a few sources, and they seem to be trustworthy, these shows by Mr. Springsteen would be incredibly intimate.

Because the Walter Kerr Theatre can only hold a bit over 950 people. I also wouldn’t expect the shows to be the four-hour marathons we saw on The River Tour 2016, but Springsteen most certainly will not disappoint. If this is true, I am expecting an announcement or confirmation to come in the coming weeks–Stay tuned to NJTechReviews for the latest news on this developing story.