Fake codes begin to appear on eBay for Springsteen on Broadway


Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway run was officially announced yesterday to much fanfare, and it was learned that they are using Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Service for ticketing. Interested ticket buyers will need to register to purchase tickets. If you are then verified, there is a chance they will receive a code that will give them the opportunity to buy tickets.

While the registration period is now open until August 27th, there is no guarantee in getting verified or a code. The whole reasoning behind the Verified Fan Service is to stop scalpers and bots from taking the tickets. As in the past, even most recently with The River Tour 2016, Springsteen tickets end up on StubHub, eBay, and other third part reselling sites. And just a day after Springsteen on Broadway was announced and the registration period was opened, but a listing on eBay has appeared for a code.

It seems the account was created just for this listing and it even notes that “I guarantee the code will work, but I cant guarantee tickets.” The likelihood of this user getting a code is unknown, as it appears they would have the same probability of any other user who registered. I am hopeful that Ticketmaster will notice these listings and attempt to stop them. We have reached out to Ticketmaster in regards to these listings and will update if we hear back.