Ticketmaster can either be loved or hated, the same could be said for the parent company Live Nation. From bots stealing tickets to long lines at the venue, the whole process of getting tickets and then entering the venue can be a struggle. But today, Ticketmaster is looking into the future with a partnership with LISNR. This collaboration will use smart-tones or rather audio being emitted from a smartphone to authenticate.

LISNR takes advantage of ultrasonic sound and can harness the technology. Instead of using credit card entry to stop scalpers, your phone can emit a sound as you get close to the venue. Most humans, around 90%, won’t even be able to recognize it and the ticket sensors will pick up the sound. Thus allowing you and your party access to the stadium or arena.

Ticketmaster is included for a solution like LISNR, as it makes it very hard for Bots to buy out all of the tickets, as the confirmation of identity comes from the buyer’s mobile phone. This gives Ticketmaster and LiveNation a lot more control of the ticket market, which can be quite beneficial. It might also be seen as a loss for third-party sellers or companies like StubHub. But chances are this won’t roll out to all venues at once, especially as there is a hardware portion with new scanners being needed.


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