Yesterday RED surprised the world by presenting their Hydrogen smartphone, a device that may just break as much ground as the original iPhone.

With it’s sleek design and a camera presumably designed by RED themselves, one of the most highly regarded camera companies in the world, one can already expect this product to rival the iPhone. One might even expect RED’s phone to be more popular with those who enjoy taking high quality pictures with their smartphones. The website’s product details also boasts about the OS, an Android OS with an H30 algorithm,  used within the phone which has the ability to play multidimensional audio, in comparison to the typical stereo or mono audio systems of most contemporary smart phones.

And yet none of those qualities are the game changer.

What separates RED’s Hydrogen smartphone, or as they call it: Media Machine, form the pack, what brings them to front of that pack and plants them right there on the cutting edge of modern consumer electronics, is the display. That is, a 5.7″ holographic display. A display that seamlessly transitions from from 2D to 3D content without the need for any addition headsets, machines, or glasses. The device is entirely standalone.

RED has also created the RED Channel for the device as a means to easily find and share content that utilizes the holographic capabilities, this is set to include movies, games, user created videos, and even other apps.

Hydrogen, as of now, is set to release Q1 2018, with no specific month given. Pre-orders are available on RED’s website, which offers two model choices: aluminum, for $1,195, or titanium, for $1,595. The price, may be subject to change, is perhaps the one turn off to most consumers, but this price seems to justified for a system that is on the bleeding edge.



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