Conan got to play Cuphead on Clueless Gamer, and we’re all jealous

Cuphead doesn't land till September 29th on Xbox One, One S, and One X.


Clueless Gamer has become a favorite fan segment on CONAN and this week he is making everyone jealous. As he got to play Cuphead, with Kate Upton, extremely early–Put simply we are all jealous. It has been a long journey to getting a release date, September 29th, for this title as it started development in 2010.

But it wasn’t until this year’s E3 that we got a confirmed release date for the title. And Cuphead is inspired by 1930’s cartoons and is an action-RPG title. It can even be considered a runner or side scroller. The whole package seems pretty sweet, as the graphics and music are tuned quite nicely. Even better Conan O’Brien had an excellent time playing Cuphead with Kate Upton,

Even better Conan O’Brien and Kate Upton started off with a candlelit dinner complete with a live violinist. Both Conan and Kate got too complete a few boss battles and it seems the game might be easier to play when working together as a team.