AirPods was first unveiled in September alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a launch time frame of October. From there they were pushed back to a December launch and while that did happen, calling the supply tight would be an understatement. Since Apple’s fully wireless earbuds launched in December, the shipping time has been 6-8 weeks.

And you are quite lucky if you find them in stores, as they are scarce with most Apple Stores getting them at a frequency of over a month apart. Retailers like BestBuy have received stock once in a while, but they are hard to find.

Tim Cook was happy to note that they have increased production and those who have them are very happy with them. This comment came during the Quarter 3 earnings call today, in which Apple announced a very positive quarter.But even with an increased production, AirPods have still not yet been able to keep up with demand. So while there is a significant amount of customer interest, supply is still working to keep up with the demand. If you can find them Apple’s AirPods will cost $159 and they are epic.


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