You might not have heard of Red, but chances are you have seen visuals created from their cinematic quality cameras. Most recently, the company unveiled the Red Hydrogen a smartphone that brings what they call groundbreaking features into the market. Red is now reaching out to a more mainstream market. As the Red Raven camera kit is now available from and selects Apple retail stores across the country.

Coming in at $15,000 the Red Raven camera kit is not cheap, but it is cheap in comparison to buying a camera direct from Red and customizing it. The bundle includes a RED RAVEN 4.5K camera BRAIN, a RED DSMC2 Touch LCD 4.7” Monitor, a Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC lens, a RED DSMC2 Outrigger handle, a RED V-Lock I/O expander, two IDX DUO C-95 batteries with charger, and a RED MINI-MAG 120GB with a G-Technology ev Series MINI-MAG reader. All of these pieces come in an NANUK heavy-duty camera case which can also be used for storage and travel.

On top of all these physical products, you get Final Cut Pro X and the Red software plugin for Final Cut, and a dedicated iOS app. Through this plugin, you can edit the RAW 4K or 2K footage directly within Final Cut Pro. The footage that the Red Raven takes is certainly jaw dropping, and this kit is geared toward those with prior video experience, and are ready to take it to the next level.

The Red Raven camera kit is available exclusively from Apple for $15,000.


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