Although still unseen, more information has come out about Apple’s supposed AI based car. The car, which Tim Cook confirmed was in development during an interview a few weeks back, was mentioned again in Apple’s Financial Results/Earnings Conference Call during a Q&A session. Here Cook mentions that there is in fact a large “autonomous system” project in development, which he also categorizes as “big investment”.

However the bigger news is that, along with calling autonomy “the mother of all AI projects”, Cook also claims that the car is “only one” way of using autonomous systems hinting that the same concept could be applied to “many different areas”.

This may be the first implication that Apple is working an even bigger autonomous system, one that could perhaps do much much than simply drive a car. With Apple’s recent stock increase it would be no surprise if some of that newly gained money was being invested in further AI research.

It is also quiet telling that, following this comment about autonomous systems woking in many areas, Tim Cook closes this answer with “I don’t want to go any further with that (line of questioning)”. This may suggest that something is in the works, but this is neither the time nor the place for the reveal of it.

The entire Conference Call, which is audio only, can be played on here Apples website with the comment about autonomous systems occurring around the 48 minute mark.


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