In a surprising turn of events, the last few days have brought with it many iPhone leaks–this stems from firmware for the upcoming HomePod being uncovered. The latest comes from expert leaker Evan Blass or @evleaks on Twitter. This time we see the iPhone 8 in a rugged case, but it does confirm a much larger screen with a unique notch for sensors, front facing camera, and ear piece.

The latest leak shows the rumored iPhone 8 in a UAG or Urban Armor Gear rugged case. Highlighting this image would be the all-screen front, which gives the consumer a bezel less iPhone. But it seems that Apple has also removed the home button and has added in a notch at the top of the display for sensors and the camera. With this, the screen has a gap in the middle, allowing network connectivity and power to be shown to the left or right of it.

We’ve seen a similar design to this, in which the front facing camera takes a notch out of the center top of the screen on The Essential Phone. It seems that Apple might be using elements of this, but if the rumors are true that front facing camera will be quite powerful. As it will allow for Face ID to work and provide some useful features, including unlocking the phone from almost any angle and authenticating payments in Apple Pay.

And with no Home Button and the inclusion of Face ID, it seems that Apple might not have been able to integrate the Touch ID sensor under the display. Of course, this is all speculation, but all will be confirmed come September when Apple should host an event to unveil the next generation iPhones.


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