Alongside the unveiling of the Moto Z2 Force, Motorola also unveiled a few new Moto Mods. One of the more exciting ones is now available to pre-order–Verizon has exclusively kicked off orders for the Motorola Moto Gamepad Moto Mod for $79.99.

The gamepad itself connects directly to the Moto Z2 Force via the Moto Mod pins on the back of the device. Internally it has a 1035mAh battery that should provide up to an extra eight hours of usage for the device. On the front, you get a D–pad, physical action buttons, and dual control sticks. There also dual LED lights on the front that will correspond with inputs via the controls.

Verizon is saying that Motorola’s Moto Gamepad Moto Mod will ship on August 25th and it is currently on backorder via the product page. You can check out the Gamepad Moto Mod on Verizon’s online store here.


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