T-Mobile One Family Plans now get Netflix at no extra charge


T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move is a surprising one, but a pretty sweet one as well. Starting September 12th, T-Mobile One Family Plans will now include Netflix at no extra charge. This is a pretty crazy move, as Netflix already didn’t count towards data usage but now the service itself is included at no extra charge.

Netflix On Us is breaking the carrier bundle, as you get something extra and keep the price at some pain-free point. For this next move, T-Mobile has an exclusive partnership with Netflix. As anyone with two or more qualifying T-Mobile ONE lines now get a standard Netflix plan. Begining September 12th customers can get Netflix On Us by registering online, visiting a store, or calling customer care. Even better if you already have a Netflix subscription, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a standard subscription.

This move also comes at a time when other networks, like Verizon, are struggling to handle the traffic. Verizon just updated their Unlimited plans and they are terrible for consumers, so T-Mobile response might be this. Especially when they still offer many deals to get customers to switch. Plus, T-Mobile has been doubling spectrum and rolling out new areas of spectrum.

T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us is starting on September 12th for One with taxes and fees included customers.