In response to the most down voted comment in Reddit history, EA and Dice are taking action. After a huge amount of backlash from fans over the need of 70,000 in-game points to unlock fan-favorite characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, they are listening to fan feedback. Something that EA has a promise they would do since Battlefront II was fully announced in June, but it seems miss-steps are still being taken.

EA today said, “You keep talking, and we’ll keep listening. Today, we’ve drastically reduced the cost of hero unlocks in

But it seems that in response to the feedback and the need to listen to it, EA will continue evolving Star Wars: Battlefront II in the future, with no stop on these updates and changes. These will be based off real feedback, and it seems that EA is trying to make it right. But given customer feedback, I am not sure that lowering the cost of hero unlocks and still having three separate in-game currencies will fully fix the issue. On a final note, when the game was first announced, we were told that DLC would be free, hopefully, EA will remember this.


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