We gave you the UnBoxing of the Toshiba L635 Laptop, now it is time for the full review! For this review we decided to do something different from our other reviews. We had several people test out the computer for us. As the laptop is meant for kids, we had kids and some parents test out the unit. Overall many of them liked it. So now lets get started with the full review on the Toshiba L635 Kids Laptop.


What’s Inside

Lets go through what the laptop has:

  • Toshiba Satellite Laptop
  • Intel Celeron Processor
  • 2GD (DDR3) Memory
  • 250GB Serial ATA Hard-drive
  • DVD Disk Drive(Multi-Format)
  • A Web cam and Microphone
  • 13.3inch LED Back light Screen
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Mobile Intel HD Graphics
  • Battery Life-Around 4 1/2 Hours
  • Media Reader
  • Thickness- 1.5 inches
  • Has Built In WiFi
  • Has An Ethernet Plug
  • Windows 7 Home Premium Edition(64 Bit)
  • Net Nanny-Free For 1 Year
  • KidZui-Free For 1 Year
  • Energy Star Qualified

Kid Friendly Design

This laptop could be used as a full laptop, for an adult. However it is market for kids for 2 main reasons. It has a durable body, however it does make the unit quite heavy. The other feature is that it has wipe able keyboard. And believe us this could come in handy on almost any laptop. The durability factor also makes it thicker. To make it more appealing to the kids, it comes pre-loaded with several applications that many kids will enjoy. The first is that it comes with Lego Batman. It is a nice computer game, that comes pre-loaded on the laptop. It kept our testers quite interested, when they were playing it. However the controls of the game do take a while to get used to. Net Nanny also comes free for a year on the laptop. It allows you to block certain websites, this helps when keeping your kids safe on the Internet. It also comes with “KidZui” Web-Browser. It is a web browser made especially for kids. The kids we had testing it enjoyed it a lot, however it did crash quite a few times. It also takes a lot longer to load than Internet Explorer or FireFox. Overall Toshiba did quite a good job in making it appealing to kids.



The speed on the laptop is not the best we have seen. It runs quite slowly, at start up and at shutdown. There are also a lot of applications that are automatically set to run at start up, this sometimes bogs down the system as well. However you can just go into task manager and shut them down. This should speed up your interaction with the computer. The Internet all depends on your personally Internet connection speed. Overall the speed of the computer is slow, you may need to consider upgrading the RAM.


What The Testers Said

Our testers were glad enough to leave us with some words, about there thoughts on the Toshiba L635 Kids Laptop.

“Lego Batman is good, would like to focus more on batman. Controls are hard at first, made easier by reading the directions. The keys are bigger which makes it easier to use. The screen is very good. I would get one,” Zachary Fox.

“The security features in Net Nanny are nice, however the price for Net Nanny may not be. It is only free for 1 year, after that we have to pay the price for it. Many of the features are also available on any other computer on the market,” Debbie Fox.

“I like how it is meant for kids, the color is nice. I really like KidZui Web Browser. Has games and videos built in,” Alexander Rothe.


Bottom Line

A kids laptop is an interesting concept. Would you want to get your child used to a children’s laptop or have them go straight to a normal laptop. The price is competitive with the lower priced notebooks on the market. The price for the laptop is $399. It is worth it if you want your son or daughter to have a laptop that meant for them. However you may want to jump start them on a normal laptop. Overall the Toshiba L635 Kid’s Laptop is nice. You can get it at your local BestBuy or online here. We would like to thank Toshiba for the letting us test out the Toshiba L635 Kids Laptop.



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