The Motorola Clutch i475 is the successor to the Motorola Clutch i465. It has been about 2 years, so it was a good time for a refresh. The i465 was released as a messaging phone, the i475 is that as well. The 2 main changes were a larger screen and better keyboard. It is a iDEN phone that works on BoostMobile’s Push-to-Talk network, as well as their normal network. The Motorola Clutch i475 will cost you $99.99, without a contract.


To start off the Motorola Clutch i475’s design is much different that the i465. The i475 is smaller, it is 4.23 inches long by 2.3 inches wide and it’s thickness is .64 inches. The back of the phone has a rubbery texture to it. It almost gives it some grip when you are holding it in your hand. The color of the i475 is all black. Now, the clutch i475 has a 2 inch screen, it is slightly bigger than the i465’s 1.79 inch screen. The screen’s resolution is 220×176. While it is not the best it gets the job done. Under the screen you have all of your buttons. You have your “Send”, “End”, “Menu”,”Select”, & “Sound”. Under that you have a keyboard, it is larger then the one on the i465. It is much easier to type and the letters pop-out a little more making it much easier to text. On the left side of the phone you have your “Volume Rocker” and the “push-to-talk” button. On the top of the phone you have your standard head-phone jack. On the bottom right hand side you have your “micro USB port”. The VGA camera is also on the back of the phone.


The Motorola Clutch i475 is not that much different than the i465. The phone book can hold up to 600 entires. Inside of each entry it has room for 7 numbers, email, and notes. You can organize your contacts in 2 ways. You can make push-to-talk groups or just normal groups. There are also 12 ringtones which you can pair them to. Some of the basic features that i475 has are a memo pad, Bluetooth, vibrate mode, calendar, voice memo recorder, call timers, and a a speakerphone. All of these features do come in handy. The big feature of the i475 is text and multimedia messaging. It has threaded messages so you can see all of the messages in one single window. The clutch only has support for POP3 email accounts. It uses a web-based interface for this. We wish it has support for IMAP4 e-mail or Exchange Server, but it has yet to come to the i475. You can search the web with a wireless web browser. It also has a GPS. The VGA Camera is the same camera found in the i465. It is not the best camera. The end result is a very blurry shot. You may not be able to see what you have just shot, kind of blurry. We expected to see a much larger improvement in the camera. There a several options for the camera. They are 4x zoom, a low light mode, brightness, shutter sounds, and a self-timer. The phone only has a 8MB of memory on it, so your not gonna be able to fit that many photos any way. The phone also has support for Java Apps. It comes pre-loaded with UNO, Calculator Suite, Alarm Clock Plus, Email and IM,  downloads, and the Java System. Overall there are some nice features in the Motorola Clutch i475.


The call quality on the Motorola Clutch i475 is great. Wether you are on speaker phone or not the call quality is loud and clear. There was almsot no static when we tested it out. Keep in mind that we had good signal strength. If you have good signal strength you should be fine. The battery life is 4.8 hours of talk time. If you put it on standby it will last you 4.2days.

Bottom Line

The Motorola Clutch i475 is a phone meant for text and multimedia messaging. Keeping that in mind, the other features of the phone are not perfect. The phone is good for text messaging. If you someone who occasionally uses the internet on the phone, then you might get by using it here. If you are someone looking for a phone that specializes in text and multimedia messaging. Than the Motorola Clutch i475 is for you.You Can See Or Buy The Boost Mobile Motorola Clutch i475 Here. We would like to thank Boost Mobile for providing us with a copy of the Motorola Clutch i475.



  1. Thank you for your review.
    Constructive criticism.
    You need a editor.
    There are quite a few grammatical and specification accuracy problems in this review that unnecessarily make it a less than credible source of information on the i475.
    Hope to see improved reviews soon.

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