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Earlier this year at the F8 conference, Facebook unveiled “Timeline”. This is your new profile, and it is a new design. Developers or people who claim to be developers have has access to Timeline for some time now. I myself have been using it and i have been enjoying it very much. My favorite feature of Timeline would be the “Cover”. This is almost like a second profile picture, but bigger. You can post a giant photo on what you are feeling or anything you want. And it is there for all to see. Well, it took them some time to get it out to the masses but, it is officially here. Everyone should have it by December 23, so if you don’t have it yet it is coming soon. The worst thing about timeline is that it has everything you every posted on Facebook, it takes a long time to clean your profile up. They give you a week to make sure your profile is all good, and you can either delete the posts you don’t like them or hide them from your timeline. For More Info On Facebook Timeline, Please Click Here. Be sure to let us know what you think of the new Facebook Profile: Timeline?



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