Let’s talk HTC Amaze 4G. This is a great design in the HTC lineup and as per it’s superior specs it is an elite phone in the T-Mobile line up. This phone has great lines + curves and it’s build quality differentiates it from all the other Android form factors in the market. The stand out feature of this phone is it’s 8 megapixel camera. HTC has loaded this device with great features for any photo enthusiast. There is also dedicated buttons for camera and video mode, which are great when your confronted with a split second situation.
Now we can dig into some specs. This devices is equipped with a 1.5ghz dual core Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, 1GB of ram and an on board 16GB of storage and for extra memory pop in a 32GB micro sd. The screen is a 4.3 inch super lcd  with 960×540 resolution. It might be able to take a few dings with it’s gorilla glass DNA but I wouldn’t suggest it. The camera as stated before is a 8 megapixel with a dual led flash and while on video mode you can record 1080p at 30fps. Honorable mention to the front facing camera with 2 megapixels. Last but not least this a  HSDPA+ 4G enabled device with speeds upwards to 42.2Mbits/s.
My first impression on this phone is it’s beautiful design, this is by far to me the most appealing Android phone that I have tested. The phone is a little heavy in hand @ 6 oz but I rather like that. The size of the device is quite comfortable and feels natural when in use. The call quality and speaker mode are really clear and intimate. As a shutter bug naturally my favorite feature is the camera, what a great adaptation on a smart phone. It’s camera mode is feature packed and most people will get a kick out of using the endless options. Personal favorites are *Touch to Focus and Burst Shot mode – so you don’t miss a minute of the action. The resolution on the screen is actually quite nice and shows colors well. Overall if you have used and Android phone you will enjoy this one. The only difference is the HTC sense 3.0 User interface. AT 4G speeds this device also gets a big plus, if you are upgrading to this device speeds will be quite noticeable.
There are only a few qualms I have about this device. The first would be the two buttons dedicated for camera and video features. I found myself getting confused while trying to activate those features. Only one is truly necessary as you could select on the screen while in capture mode. My second would be battery , I found that on the device that I tested  it would shut down when I was low in power without warning. Naturally I powered it back to find I still had enough power to carry onto other my other tasks. There is getting away from this but you should always carry the charger because this device is power hungry and while processing  4G features.

I would recommend this device to anyone seeking a sexy phone with great photo capabilities and access to faster speeds. The HTC Amaze is currently available on T-Mobile website in Black or White for $229 with a mail in rebate. That would not be a cheesy reference to Micheal Jackson’s song Black or White. On that note see you guys next review.


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