While at CE Week 2012 I stopped by Engage’s booth. And they were showing off one of the coolest products I think that I saw. It’s a home theater system, that changes the idea of what it can be. It is also a stand, that contains everything you need for entertainment. All you have to do is bring the TV. It features an integrated Blu-Ray player, Dolby/DTS 5.1 sound,  2(two) 10” woofers for bass, integrated center, left and right channel speakers, single wire connection via a HDMI, ethernet connectivity, 2 wireless speakers, and much more. The design of this system is awesome, it is 3 pieces that snap together. And they say it can be done in 15 minutes. You have a base which is the bottom piece, and then the middle piece containing the woofers and entertainment system to the base. Then you set the top piece which contains the center, left and right channel speakers on top of the middle piece. Than place your TV on top plug the one cord in and you are ready to watch. Overall, I am super excited about Engage’s Unity and cannot wait to test it out! For more info please visit: www.engagethesenses.com . The creator, designer, and president of Engage Todd Beauchamp, said that Unity will blow Bose away. He also said that it would cost around $999 and will be available soon. We will update you as soon as Engage announces more information about Unity.


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