Our friends over at Rockstar Games have sent us Max Payne 3 for us to review. It is the next game in the popular Max Payne series. It is also Rockstar Game’s next big hit and not only did they have a huge launch but, they have an extensive line of Downloadable Content coming the very near future. We are testing out the Xbox 360 version of Max Payne 3, and a popular feature that many of you have loved is back. And yes that is Bullet Time and they have revamped it. Now, let’s start with the full review of Max Payne 3.


Story Line And Game Modes

Now, the story line in Max Payne 3 is amazing. When playing the game you get pulled into the story very quickly. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will talk a little bit about the story line. No longer are you in New York, Max is now working in Sao Palo, Brazil, but there are flashbacks throughout the game that both fill in the different pieces and keep the story moving a long. There are a lot of cut scenes, which let the game load, give you info, and keep you entertained. You not only play in Brazil, but you also venture into Hoboken New Jersey! One thing to note is that your enemies and the other characters you are fighting, are hard from the beginning. And as expected they do get harder throughout the game, this is where painkillers and extra ammo come in handy. So, you should always explore the different rooms and locations, the painkillers and ammo are usually hidden. But, you will eventually find them. There are also some collectible guns that you can find throughout the game. They are gold and they light up, so they are almost impossible to miss, but they come in handy and usually have extra ammo. You’re partner throughout the game is Raul Passos, and he will help you out when the times get tough. As we mentioned before, painkillers are still in the game. Max has still not gotten over the events that took place in the earlier games, so be sure to get them as they will help you out in the game. The great weapon wheel that was found in Red Dead Redemption is now in Max Payne 3, it makes it super easy to select your weapons of choice, and to see the current status of ammo in each weapon. The graphics of the weapons themselves, are amazing. Rockstar has put so much work into the graphics, and the result is an amazing gaming experience. So, that is a quick summary of the story line, but it does not tell the whole story. Rockstar has also included some other game modes in Max Payne 3. I personally really liked Arcade Mode. It let’s your replay the previous levels, and the end goal is to get as many point as possible. This mode does integrate right into the Rockstar Social Club, which gives you an even better gaming experience. There are 2 modes in Arcade Mode, those being Score Attack and New York Minute. Score Attack will award you the player point for certain types of kills and how the different mechanics that you use. For instance a headshot will give you more points, that killing the person will 3 separate shots. Next, we have the New York Minute(my personal favorite), which will make you go super fast. First of all you should know that a New York Minute is 60 seconds. When you go in the timer starts off at 1 minutes and begins to tick down, for each kill you get time is added. A regular kill will award you 3 seconds, while a headshot will give you 5 seconds. So, I suggest you make your shots wisely. Now, move onto too Multiplayer modes in Max Payne 3. First of all you get booth Death-match and Team Death-match, and one difference that you will notice from other games that offer this is the level of customization. Essentially it is either you against everyone else or your team against the other team. The maps have awesome graphics, everything is so detailed and they relate back to the story line. Payne Killer is the next type of multiplayer mode and it is a really good one. 2 people in the match are selected to be either Max or Passos, and everyone else is trying to kill them. And whoever kills them become them. It is very similar to man-hunting, as everyone is trying to be you. Here is the twist you don’t know who Max or Passos is until the first kill in the game is made. Whoever, gets the first and second kills becomes Max and Passos. It let’s you play as the main characters of the game against real people, which allows you to show off your skills as the main man. And last but not least we ahem Gang Modes, which takes different parts of the Story Line and uses them in Multiplayer. Using the power of story mode with multiplayer is an awesome idea, as you never know what is coming next in this mode. You are fighting with other players in your Gang on multiplayer, yet it still has a surprise because you don’t know what is coming. Rockstar hit a home run straight out of the park with the story line and the many different game modes of Max Payne 3!


Graphics And Bullet-Time

As we said earlier Rockstar games did an amazing job with the graphics, this is one of the game that you have to play to really see all of the detail and handwork that they put into this game. From the land, to characters, to the guns, and everything else, it shows that video games can look really real. The characters actually look like real people for once, in most video games this is something hard to find. Time of day look more real, in some cases you can see the sunset and it looks as if you are really there. From the club scenes, to the dock, and all the way to riding in helicopter the graphics stay at the same amazing level, that Rockstar has achieved. Now, Bullet Time has always been a huge part of Max Payne, and since then we have seen other game copy it. But Rockstar is brining it back and making it better than ever. It can make or break your living or dying in the game, and it can change the entire story line in a brief second. But, if you use it right your end goal will be what you wanted. You now have the option to execute someone if they are close to you and you know have a more realistic shot and dodge system. Dodging a bullet in this mode, makes it much more realistic and gives you more time to react. The best feature of Bullet Time requires painkillers, if you have a painkillers and you are about to die you will go into “Last Man Standing”. This will let you get your health back and continue without having to restart. You get to kill the enemy who was about to kill you, but keep in mind you better have good aim.


Bottom Line

Max Payne 3 is an amazing game and was definitely worth the long wait. The story line will drag you into the game, and make you apart of it. This game could be made into a movie, the story line is that good. The cinematic cut scenes will fill you in sometimes on what is going on, or sometimes give you more questions to ponder. All of the different game modes will give you tons of fun even after you finish the story mode. Then we have the amazing multiplayer, which will let you have loads of fun with your friends and experience different types of gaming. Rockstar Games has put so much work into the graphics, and it really shows. Everything looks really and it all runs so smoothly, really have to give it too them for the amazing graphics. You also get the return of Bullet Time, and with all of the updates they have made too it, the return is very welcomed. Overall, Max Payne 3 is by far the best shooter of the year, and I am not sure if anyone, not even Rockstar, will be able to top it this year. Max Payne 3 is available for purchase for an MSRP of $59.99 . For More Info On Rockstar Game’s Max Payne 3, Please Click Here. We would like to thank Rockstar Games for providing us with a copy of “Max Payne 3”.


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