Many of you have heard of GameTanium, a new offering on Verizon Wireless’s Network. But do you know the company behind it? Exent is that company and they claim they are the world’s leading Games on Demand provider! They provide premium games for mobile, tablet, TV, PC, and many other platforms. This is all done through a subscription, and that entitles you to great ad free games. I wanted to know more about Exent and GameTanium, so now I present to you my interview with the CEO of Exent, Zvi Levgoren!


   1.) Can you give us some background on Exent?

Exent is the world’s leading Games on Demand provider, delivering thousands of premium games across mobile, tablet, PC and TV platforms through all-you-can-play subscription and free, ad-supported offerings to millions of gamers monthly.  With its unrivaled monetization and programming expertise, Exent’s Built with GameTanium services power the Games on Demand offerings for the world’s leading broadband service providers, mobile operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and consumer portals.


2.) What is GameTanium all about?

Exent’s GameTanium™ service combines the world’s leading catalog  mobile and PC games with a global network of distribution partners (mobile, broadband and IPTV operators, PC, tablet and TV OEMS) and an unparalleled gaming platform with all of the back-office functionality you would expect in a turnkey games offering (e.g., support for multiple business models, marketing, merchandising, etc.).  Exent offers GameTanium across all of the leading consumer electronics platforms – PCs, smartphones, tablets and  TVs  – and fulfills our vision offering anytime, anywhere game play. As a result, the service offers carriers such as Verizon Wireless a great opportunity to engage their customers on a more meaningful and ultimately, more profitable level and for game publishers to drive their games more deeply into players’ lives.


3.) How long has GameTanium been in development for?

Exent began developing its GameTanium offering in 2005.   Exent launched the GameTanium mobile service last year and GameTanium for tablets in February 2012.
4.) Did you contact Verizon for the partnership or did they contact you? 

Exent has had a long-standing Games on Demand relationship with Verizon dating back to 2005.


5.) How are you and Verizon able to offer unlimited ad free games for only $5.99 a month?

Consumers love the option of subscriptions for unlimited digital content, and games are no different.  We are a leader of this model, with years of experience on the PC platform.  Long time content suppliers trust us to deliver revenue for them over the life of their titles.  New mobile partners are keen to find other ways of monetizing content that is not available from other traditional appstores.


6.) Have you partnered with all of the different developers of the games?

Exent’s game catalog includes premium content that we have aggregated by partnering with more than 150 of the world’s best publishers and developers, including Popcap, GameHouse, HandyGames, Glu and others.  Exent draws upon its vast gaming experience to curate and catalog the best mobile games while working closely with our operator partners to ensure the catalog is consistent with their audience profile.


7.) What is your favorite thing about GameTanium?

We feel that GameTanium is a win all around. For carriers, it bolsters their value added services and supports their multiscreen programming strategies.  Game developers benefit from integrated billing options and increased discovery due to the apps rapid-browse UI and advanced programming.  For consumers the value is clear, with unlimited access to more than 100 great games with new games added weekly.


8.) Has the initial response been good to the GameTanium service?

The service has been well received by operators, publishers and consumers alike.


9. ) Are you planning to rollout new features to the application? That is besides the new games every week.
Exent is constantly enhancing and evolving the GameTanium service. Our main focus  currently is on delivering the best Games on Demand service for Android  and expanding its reach with operator partners like Verizon Wireless.  New features will be announced when available.


10.) If yes, can you tell us anything about them?

We wouldn’t want to spoil a good thing!  I will say that Exent is singularly focused on providing the best content and user experience available anywhere, so any new features would need to further that goal and have the gamer front of mind.

11.)Are the smartphone and tablet applications, only available on the respective devices or is it one central application?

Subscribers on those devices have unlimited access to the entire GameTanium mobile games catalog from the same app.  The specific devices we called out are the devices the app is optimized for.   Currently, games can be played on the respective device the GameTanium application is downloaded to.


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