Well, Safely Go has gotten a huge partner in helping the fight to stop texting while driving. This app is designed to limit the distractions of using your phone while in your car. It takes around 4.6 seconds, to look down at your phone or reply to a text message, this is enough time to drive the length of a football field without looking. One of the great features of  Safely Go is that when in the car, it can automatically send a reply to a text message saying that you are driving(see photo below). It can also send incoming calls directly to voicemail, let you select applications that you can use while driving, block texting and reading email, choose certain contacts that can still come through when locked mode is turned on, use hands-free calling, and much more! As of now, 39 States and the District of Columbia do not allow texting while driving. The best part about Safely Go may be the fact that it is free, so why not give it a try? For more info on Safely Go, please visit: www.safelygo.com . Also, check out the gallery below! And as always be sure to stay safe while driving; keep your eyes on the road and try not text while drive!



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