Verizon has begun preparations for Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall on the East Coast over the next couple of days. They prepare year round for natural disasters and emergencies, this way they can provide customers with service even in the worst weather conditions. Verizon’s employees are on standby to respond in a crisis if customer or emergency first responded support is required or if network equipment is endangered. If need be Verizon can bring in employees from other parts of the country to help in other parts of the country. If power goes out, Verizon has generators and backup batteries at cell towers, cell sites, switching centers, and many other facilities to keep the network going. They also can bring in extra portable generators for deployment to storm-stricken facilities. Verizon’s crisis management team based in the East Coast is completing preparations for the storm and is closely monitoring Hurricane Sandy. They are preparing car chargers, extra batteries for phones, and more to have for customers. They are positioning  vehicles and equipments into critical area, and of course are stocking up on critical supplies for quick deployment to hard hit areas. As many of you know Verizon has an entire fleet of emergency vehicles already positioned in many different regions, they also have a fleet of Mobile Command Centers, satellite trailers, and 2(two) 53(fifty-three)-foot mobile emergency calling centers. The mobile command centers and emergency calling centers were deployed in different parts of New Jersey after Hurricane Irene last year. You can see photos of these vehicles in the gallery below. They also have MERIT, The Major Emergency Response Team, which is the first environmental hazmat response team. They are also on standby in case they need to be rapidly deployed. If there is a Verizon Residential Outage please report it too Verizon online at or call 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)You can see a list customer-readiness tips from Verizon, by clicking here. And Verizon has also prepared a quick video on customer-readiness tips as well; You can see this video below. It is great to see that Verizon is preparing for Hurricane Sandy. You can see a photo gallery, video, and press release below. Stay Safe!

Are You Ready For A Natural Disaster? Quick Tips From Verizon


Press Release

Verizon Networks Ready to Serve Consumers, Businesses as Hurricane Sandy Threatens East Coast

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – October 26, 2012 –

Verizon’s networks are ready to serve customers as Hurricane Sandy is forecast to make landfall somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard over the next several days.

Verizon prepares year-round for natural disasters and other emergencies to provide customers with reliable wireless and wireline coverage so they can keep the doors of their businesses open; stay in touch with family and friends; and check the latest weather conditions on their TVs, PCs, tablets or smartphones using their Verizon services.

Employees are on standby to respond to any crisis in the event network equipment is endangered or when emergency first-responder or customer support is required.  Verizon also can deploy employees from unaffected parts of the country to help restore services in hard-hit areas.

The Verizon communications networks require power to operate.  If commercial power fails, backup batteries and generators in the company’s switching centers, cell sites and other facilities keep power flowing so the company’s networks can continue to deliver services to customers.  Portable generators also are available for deployment to storm-stricken facilities when needed.

Verizon crisis management teams along the East Coast continue to closely monitor the storm’s path and complete required preparations, such as confirming staff schedules; testing and confirming fuel supplies for backup generators; adding critical inventory such as spare smartphone batteries and car chargers to meet customer demand; moving vehicles and other portable equipment from low-lying areas; and stocking critical supplies in centralized locations for rapid deployment to hard-hit areas.

In addition, Verizon’s disaster recovery fleet of emergency vehicles stands ready for deployment to the affected region, if needed.  The fleet includes a 51-foot mobile command center; two 53-foot mobile emergency calling centers; and satellite trailers.  (Click here to view Verizon’s disaster recovery fleet.)

Verizon also has the industry’s first environmental hazmat response team, the Major Emergency Response Incident Team (MERIT), which will remain on standby to deploy immediately, if needed.  This team is specially trained for rapid deployment to manage hazardous materials emergencies involving or threatening Verizon’s critical communications facilities or infrastructure, or other company assets.

Residential customers should contact Verizon online at or call 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) to report any service-related issue.  Business customers should contact their regular customer service centers or account teams as needed.


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