Just last week Apple unleashed the fifth beta of iOS 9.3 to developers and public beta users, but they are not done yet. To kick off the week, Apple has released iOS 9.3 Beta 6 to both public beta users and to registered developers. This is the sixth beta and is a relatively small one at just 38 megabytes, which might mean we are nearing the final public release.

iOS 9.3 brings with it a bunch of bug fixes, some speed improvements, and even a few new features are in store. In terms of usability, Beta 6 seems just as a good as Beta 5, there is no noticeably lag. Keep in mind this latest beta just came out a few hours ago, but it is closer to the final release.

The biggest feature of 9.3 would have to be Night Shift mode, which changes the temperature of the display depending on the time of day. Out of the box it will be set to change with sunrise and sunset in your area, but you can customize it to specific times. You can also now password protect your Notes and this will work across iOS and OS X. Lastly, I am hearing that in Beta 6 Apple has added the ability to watch videos in both the Music and Podcasts application in full screen.

Hopefully we see a full public release of iOS 9.3 later this month.


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