Apple TV

Apple has been using quite a bit of star power in its most recent advertisements and it makes for great ones to say the least. One of my favorites would have to be the one with Cookie Monster in it, but Apple is switching gears from puppets to humans for its latest advertisement. The Apple TV has gotten another advertisement and this time around it stars Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B. Jordan.

Many of the features of the fourth generation Apple TV get some air time, including Siri voice control and the fact that the App Store is quite extensive. You can even use Siri to go to precise moments of whatever you are watching. If you haven’t gotten a chance to yet to play around with the latest Apple TV, I highly suggest you do so.

This advertisement shows Michael B. Jordan poking some fun at Kobe Bryant, as he is playing the basketball legend in a film. The conversation leads to some good laughs and makes for a memorable advertisement; you can see it in full below.


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