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Today, April 1st 2016 is Apple’s 40th Birthday. Way back on April 1st 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne founded Apple. It has been a wild 40 years, with a ton of innovation and a lot of product introductions. Apple is truly a company that has left a mark on the world and still continues to bring innovation on a global scale. Just yesterday, the company launched the most affordable and powerful 4-inch smartphone ever, the iPhone SE. But the phone revolution began back in 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone. But even before that the iPod, the Mac, and so much more was thought of by the people at Apple. And these products have had an effect on almost everyone, so keep reading to see our favorite and our first Apple memories.

Our First and Favorite Apple Memories

Jacob Krol

My first memory of Apple would have to be of the iMacs; As it was the computers of choice in my school district. I fell in love with them immediately and it was such an easy yet powerful OS to navigate. The first product I bought was back in January of 2005 when the original iPod Shuffle came out. That is still one of my favorite designs for a product and it was incredibly simple. 


Katie Mitchell

I remember receiving my first iPod Mini and absolutely falling in love with it! I took it everywhere–on car rides, to school, on walks. It was comforting knowing I had the company of music with me all the time.


Benjamin Starr

My favorite apple product is the original iPod nano. It was small, durable, and had a great electronic interface. It is sentimental to me as it was my first apple product.

Here’s To The Next 40!


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