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Apple is wasting no time to shows us there latest and greatest for 2016. In fact the company has just sent out invites the first event of the year, happening on March 21 2016 at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino CA. The event will kick off on the 21st at 10:00AM PDT or 1:00PM EST and they should be showing off a few new devices.

Like Apple usually does, they are very careful and specific with what the invite is and more specifically what at says. This time around we have an Apple logo built of different color blocks. Those colors just happen to be the ones the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come in; Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. The invite also says “Let us loop you in”, while we don’t exactly what they are hinting at, we have some ideas.

For instance, Apple’s campus is located on Infinite Loop and the event is happening on 1 Infinite Loop. Or it might be hinting at a feature in a new product. Apple is expected to unveil a new smaller iPhone, it might even be quite similar design wise to the iPhone 5S, but with all new hardware on the inside. They company is also likely too announced a new smaller iPad Pro and several new watch bands for the Apple Watch. iOS 9.3 is also expected to be given an official release date.

Lastly, Apple is currently in a big battle with the FBI over unlocking an iPhone, so Tim Cook might speak to that as well.


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