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Ken Block is one of the coolest people around and one of the best drivers around. He has partner with his friends at Ford Performance, formally Ford Racing, and the great team at Hoonigan. Mr.Block is back with another Gymkhana experience, this time he went to Dubai and Gymkhana EIGHT is here for your viewing pleasure.

Dubai is an ultimate playground and he makes great use of the land. The car of choice this time around is a Ford Fiesta RX43 with 650 horsepower and can go 0-60MPH in just 1.8 seconds. Putting it simply, the vehicle is an absolute beast and it has a sweet paint job.

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The video itself features Ken Block driving his Ford Fiesta in many out of this world ways. From doing some very tight turns, to riding around jumbo jet while it is moving, there are several moments that will cause your jaw to drop. They shot the latest Gymkhana with a helicopter, many GoPros, and several camera operators.

The end result is the best Gymkhana yet, with some of the most outrageous stunts, one thing stays the same every time. And that is that Ken Block brings his A game and shows off his insane skills every year.


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