AT&T and Ford have just signed an exclusive deal, in which AT&T’s 4G LTE network will be powering Ford SYNC Connect in North America. This deal will have AT&T’s network powering over 10 million connected cars in North America by the year 2020. Ford’s SYNC Connect will be launching this year with the AT&T network built-in. SYNC Connect will first launch in the new Ford Escape come this Spring.

With SYNC Connect you will have an added convenience with your everyday life, as from your mobile phone you will be able too remotely lock or unlock your doors, remotely start the vehicle, use a GPS map to locate your car in a parking lot, and see important information about your car. I have a feeling the locating your vehicle in a parking lot will be a big hit, as well the ability to see how much gas you have left.

Ford Sync and SYNC Connect have a very bright future, as well as a big history. Back in 2011 Ford worked with AT&T with the launch of MyFord Mobile. The future is very bright between Ford and AT&T, it will be interesting to see how SYNC Connect expands in the upcoming years.


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