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The 2016 Detroit Auto Show is upon us and Ford is starting their announcements early. Ford has just announced that they are the first in the industry to test autonomous vehicles or self driving cars in the snow. This is big news for the future, especially since self driving cars are becoming a reality, but up until now they have not been driven in dangerous or not pristine driving conditions.

Ford is first to test self driving cars in the snow, this is not just big for the motor company but for the industry as a whole. The company notes that as humans we know how to deal with different environments, but autonomous cars are different. They don’t think like humans, or at least yet, but they are very powerful computers with sensors all around. For is noting that with practice, they teach the vehicle how to handle situations like snow, even when the performance of sensors might be degraded in weather like snow.

This testing is big, in that they clearly are looking to take self driving cars to the market, even better that the technology is there in that they can handle bad weather conditions. This shows Ford commitment to bringing fully autonomous vehicles or self driving cars to millions of customers worldwide.


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