Microsoft has launched the Hub Keyboard for iOS


Microsoft’s Garage team handles their experimental projects, things like a keyboard for Android and iOS. Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard goes about making a keyboard that is unique because it links with Office 365. Not only will it let you type, but it integrates in with sharing documents and files. Earlier this year, Hub launched for Android and the iOS launch is here.

If you are a big fan of Office 365 and use it too share documents on a daily basis, the Hub Keyboard might be for you. It allows you to easily share documents right from within the keyboard. This works by letting you share your drive and then sharing the link in the message. Thus allowing quick collaboration and sharing while on the go.

You will ned to give the Hub Keyboard quite a bit of permissions for it too work fully, but for iOS users who use Office 365 for work, it might be a good fit.



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