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Gone are the days where you could simply watch music videos without any compensation for yourself and the world at large. With the new Edge Music Network app, you can watch and uncover music videos and live concerts from any device!

The Edge Music Network app will be soon be the newest innovation in the Music Industry. The app will allow you to earn points as you use it and gradually become eligible to receive premium merchandise, memorabilia, and tickets to exclusive events.

Subscribers will be capable of purchasing videos from their preferred music service with just one click, and will also have means of entry to backstage interviews, world-premiere launches, and channels with music videos administered by EMN experts.

The network is partnering with major artists, labels, music publishers and technology partners from all over the globe including Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Roger Daltrey from The Who, Capitol Records, and Def Jam Recordings. It plans to hold partnerships with aspiring pop, hip-hop, rock, alternative, and country artists in the near future.

Additionally, this app has many humanitarian benefits; a percentage of your $9.99 subscription rate goes towards such causes as aiding victims of natural disaster and stopping world hunger.

The Edge Music Network app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store and will soon be available on Google Play.



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