Instagram is a very popular social network, one with plenty of users who are quite dedicated to the platform. Today, Instagram is getting a big change and no, this is not the algorithm change. Instead the application and website are getting a new design and an overall new look. Instagram has a new colorful logo while the application itself has gone black-and-white with a minimalistic feel.

This is a new modern take for the application, one that has not received a massive design overhaul like this in its history. Instagram has also updated the design of Hyperlapse, Boomerang, and Layout. The idea for the new design is too put more of a focus on the photos and videos being shared. And it does do this as the images stand out more than the design itself.


I do have to say the new user interface design will take some time to get used too, but I am liking the new application logo quite some time. The colorful build to the new logo goes hand in hand with what is being shared on the platform. An update was issued for Instagram for iOS and Android today, which includes the redesign.


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