Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in September of last year, and a few months ago they launched the smaller iPhone SE. This week Verizon has launched a new deal for those getting an iPhone 6s, but there are some restrictions.

Verizon customers who buy a 16GB iPhone 6s, will get a $650 mail in rebate, which covers the second 16GB iPhone 6s. In order to get this rebate the device needs to be activated and has to be fully purchased. The lines have to be active for 6 months as well, but the mail in rebate will come in the from of a Visa gift card. Verizon is also looking to have the first device be purchased through their device payment plan option which comes in at around $24 a month.

The last big point is that this deal only applies to the 16GB iPhone 6s, it is not available for the 64GB or 128GB models as of yet.



  1. Good luck getting the rebate. On my first attempt I was told the promo only applied to those living in California. I got the store personnel to help me untangle that lie but since then Verizon has denied my application two more times for various made up excuses. There seems to be a great deal of institutional incompetency in that company and they are so big that nobody knows what is going on,

    • Same thing is happenin to us, it’s a big ass scam and all they can say is well its only for California are you kidding me this has been 2 months + of back and fourth I’m about to say forget verizon

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