Just a day after rumors began to heat up about an upcoming Apple event, the technology giant has sent out invites. In usual Apple fashion, the invite is filled with symbolism and it hints at a long-awaited update to the Mac lineup.

There is a colorful explosion going on inside the Apple logo, and it has the tagline “Hello Again.” And this refers to the original unveiling of the Macintosh and several years later when Steve Jobs unveiled the iMac– Which had “hello” written on the screen.

By going with the original tagline that truly created the personal computer, it appears Apple is building some hype. The company is expected to announce a big update to the MacBook Pro which includes a redesign, fewer ports, and an OLED bar for the function key row. Updates are also expected to the MacBook Air and iMac, but the MacMini and MacPro may also see a refresh.

An update to the MacBook is not expected as this device was updated earlier this year.


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