You might have heard of Mujjo, or you may have not. They are a high-end smartphone accessory company specializing in well-built cases. For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they have launched several new cases. Today we are dropping our full review of the Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Build Quality and Durability

Mujjo uses a high-end leather for their products. The Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Plus is no different. The leather portion is a high-end vegetable variant on the outside, while the inside gets a suede coating. Like most leather cases, the color may age over time, and that is what leather is supposed to do. I’ve been using Mujjo’s case on my JetBlack iPhone 7 Plus for a few weeks, and it still looks great.


It doesn’t have too many signs of wear, and this is because the leather gets treated aniline oil. This helps the product to keep it shape, increasing the life of it, as well as making an overall better product. If anything the minimal aging gives the product some charm.

The inside of the case is suede, which means it won’t scratch your iPhone. And this is especially good news for JetBlack iPhone users as they are more prone to scratches. This suede on the inside, mixed with leather on the inside by itself wouldn’t add much shape to the case. But Mujjo has a polycarbonate edge technology.

This allows the case to keep the shape and provides some durability to it. But by no means is this case as durable as an Otterbox, but it does provide the general amount a case should. The top and bottom of the case are open, as it doesn’t wrap around the front of the device. But the case does provide a lip on the front, so you can lay the phone down face down without worrying about it breaking. Cutouts for the volume rocker and power button are here as well.


The back has a slanted cut across the part or rather a double layer of leather. And this becomes the spot too slid one or two cards into. But this will expand over time, allowing you to most likely get three cards inside. The stitching for this piece adds some flare to the design, but it keeps a low profile.


The wallet part of the case is unique in that it is not like a traditional wallet case. And I have to say by not making it in a big format you accomplish two core things. One the case is dramatically thinner, this case barely adds anything to the iPhone. And the style of the case fits in nicely with the phone. Mujjo offers the Leather Wallet case in Black and Tan; I am testing out the first of the two.

The second key accomplishment is the simplicity of grabbing a card out of the back. As a college student, I can very easily keep my college ID in the back. As this can be used to get into buildings or to swipe into the dining hall. You can also keep your license and a debit or credit card for easy access. You also don’t need to put one of the terrible stick back wallets on the back of a case.


The cards also easily slide in and out, since this is slanted opening. But I should note this doesn’t make them more prone to fall out either. I have been comfortable keeping two cards in the back, but you can stretch to have it fit three. But if you then go back to two I worry that the cards might fall out.


At just $46 in the United States, the Mujjo Lather Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Plus delivers a very high-quality product at a not so high price. The whole experience with getting the case is excellent as well, the product box comes in a nice carrying pouch, and the package is quite nice. My standout features of this case would be the quality of the leather, a durable design with the polycarbonate lining, and an easy way to carry your essential cards with you.

This case in the black color looks awesome on a JetBlack iPhone 7 Plus as well. So, if you are looking for a well-made leather case that has the added ability to double as a mini wallet, definitely check out Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case.

Check out the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 here.