2016 Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to the NJTechReviews 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

You are in the right place to find our favorite products from the year! Ranging from our top picks to our favorite smartphones, speakers, games, toys, and more.

google-pixel-7Google Pixel and Pixel XL

When it comes down to facts, this is the smartphone that can go head-to-head against all other top tier smartphones and just about always come out on top. If you want an Android phone, you should get the Google Pixel and if you want an iPhone, stop and look at the Pixel. Google might just change your mind– either way you are  getting an incredible device


iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple didn’t make too many changes with the flagship iPhones this year– But you do get a waterproof design, a new home button, and a faster processor. The 7 Plus is the star of the show with a dual lens setup.


At $199 Canary provides an all-in-one security system that doesn’t have many problems. It is relative simple to setup, and there support team is eager to help. It saves clips for 24 hours automatically, and they have new monitoring plans beginning to roll out. And these plans move there offering on par with others.

12_Yoga_Book_Painting_Create_Mode_Portrait_Drawing_PadLenovo Yoga Book

The tablet has been thought of as a new device by Lenovo. And the Yoga Book puts truly makes a tablet a portable powerhouse. Allowing you to type, touch, and even physically write with a stylus. Even better it starts at $499 and comes with either Android or Windows.

wd2_screen_coop_car_hack_gc_170816_920am_1471366587Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft has come a long way with the series since it’s the first adoption and I have high hopes for it in the future. The story idea of a future smart city is a cool one, and it builds off the adventure, action, and mystery style of games. It merges all of these together and through in some puzzle like features.


JLAB Crasher XL Bluetooth Speaker

JLAB’s latest Bluetooth speaker comes in sleek blue color and packs a punch with sound. It can fill up a small to medium room and has a solid sound quality. It performs well with deep bass tracks and rock songs that hit higher notes. In fact, if the volume is all the way up, it might even bounce off the table. But do not worry as it is a tough build speaker that is also waterproof. It is just $99 as well.


Moto Z Play

Motorola unleashed a new line of devices, and the Moto Z Play is both the most affordable and has long lasting battery life. Even with a slower processor and not as sharp of a display as the other devices in the family, it still performs well as a mid-range smartphone.


Sling TV

This streaming service has made each of our gift guides since it’s inception. And it has been significantly improved this year with many channels and now two offerings. Sling now offers a single stream and multi-stream service, which might fit your lifestyle better. For the future, I only expect the service to improve with new channel additions on the horizon.


Incipio Esquire for Pixel XL

This case feels like a higher end product, and it is one. As part of Incipio’s Esquire series, their latest case for the Pixel XL gives it a modern feel. It features a fabric build, which is hard on the outside but has a suede-like feel to it on the inside. This way it protects the Pixel on the outside and inside. I also really like the design of it.

Born to Run Cover

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

A spectacular story, to say the least, and it is true. The main who just got a Presidential Medal of Freedom, yes Bruce Springsteen has written a best-selling biography.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-2-52-10-pmMover Kit

STEM is in and it starting out big, the company Tech Will Save Us has a Mover Kit that would make an awesome gift for anyone of all ages. With the Mover Kit, you can design your very own smartwatch, from the wiring to the coding. It lets you learn about technology in a fun way, and at $75 is quite affordable. They also have a selection of other kits to choose from.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-2-56-19-pmSphero BB-8 and Force Band

Sphero and Disney have updated BB-8 this year with a Force Band. So obviously they are now being sold as a package deal. The Force Band also you to use the “force” to control BB-8. As for the robot itself, it has a battle born design to it which gives it a slightly updated design. So what are you waiting for, go let your inner Jedi out!


Braava jet

The Braava Jet cleaning robot can tackle hardwood and tile in a jiffy. It uses new technology which lets it learn the environment and it can be controlled from a smartphone. You can have it setup to handle certain areas of the house at certain times of the day. And even better it adds an extra layer of technology to your house.