You can get a Google Home for only $99


google-home-dealGoogle is in a very thankful mood, after all, they have had a pretty good 2016. And in an effort to give back to customers they have a hell of a deal on their new smart speaker. The Google Home is available from the Google Store for just $99. Yes, this is typed write just $99, when it regularly costs $129.

I am working on my review of the Google Home as this is going live, and I like it. The joy of just being able to ask for something and have it recognize it instantly is a great one. And I have to say it is smaller, better looking, and louder than Amazon’s Echo.

At $99 the Google, Home is even more affordable, and it still gives you access to a lot– Plus you get six months of YouTube Red for free. This is a limited time deal, so get it while you still can from the Google Store.