The successor to Google Cardboard is here, and it’s Daydream. This was first previewed back at Google I/O 16, but all we got was a concept drawing and the idea of a standard for VR. Well, today Google cleared the air and announced the Daydream View. This is the first Daydream virtual reality headset, and it gets paired with a controller.

Google has a taken a different direction with Daydream View, gone are the hard plastics of other headsets. They have opted for a soft, plush, and comfy headset that won’t hurt to wear for long periods. It comes in three colors- slate, crimson, and snow.

It has a hand washable face pad made out of a lightweight, breathable fabric. The front part folds down, and you swap out your Daydream compatible smartphone with the controller. Even better it will auto align the display for optimal usage.


The best part of Daydream View would be the affordable price of $79, it is cheaper than Samsung’s Gear VR and appears to be more comfortable. Currently, only the Pixel and Pixel XL are compatible with it, but I expect this list will grow.

Daydream View will be available for order soon, most likely on October 20.


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