Web design is not easy, but it has become an essential tool for almost any career or business. A portfolio website helps you differentiate yourself from another, and a website for your brand can also further establish brand awareness and loyalty. Many individuals and businesses do without a website, as traditionally, making a website is a multistep solution that takes plenty of time and energy. However, the Grid manages to make website creation easy and relatively straightforward — Even better, it has plenty of power behind it.

The Grid is a AI-powered website builder and hosting service. The AI-website company offers three plans, single-site, 10-site, and corporate 100-site, and hosting is included. For all of these, you get a two-week money-back guarantee. Once you set up your account and activate it, you can immediately get started on making your first site.

It all starts with a name for your site. The Grid will give you a default URL. If you wish to have a custom domain, the Grid has partnered with Uniregistry to offer free domains for the first year. So, if I made a Grid site for NJTechReviews, I could choose to purchase njtechreviews.co for my Grid site, instead of the default URL. After you decide on the name, you get to start designing. The Grid’s artificial intelligence presence, which goes by the name Molly, helps you through this process. Pick a color scheme from plenty of choices, or upload a photo to pull a suggested color palette from it. This step (without AI) can typically take hours if not days, as you normally have to choose a theme with the correct colors and features. However, The Grid goes about this a different way, shortening the whole design process to minutes.

Once the design is done, you are ready to add content to the site. Right on the main page, you can create a site tagline and call to action, and then start making some posts. When creating a post, you may upload images, tag in a hyperlink, or write some new content by selecting any of the icons provided. The writer’s room is set up quite nicely and is very minimalistic. You get controls for bold, italics, and an option to easily insert a hyperlink. The latter of which is still pretty hard to do in WordPress, so a big thumbs up to The Grid for this.

While some site builders require plugins to add in HTML content, The Grid allows you to import content easily. You’re also able to insert a code panel that allows for plenty of standards to be inserted, show HTML, and even add a map. For those who want to write large posts, you’re able to split them up into separate pages with several paginations. The writing zone is truly fantastic and makes it very easy to create something for your readers.

The Design tab allows you to have a website that works for desktop and mobile devices. The base design comes from what you selected when you first set up, but this can be changed by using the redesign feature. If you don’t like the initial design it creates for you, then provide feedback on the colors, layout, and font — it will ask you to rate everything on a scale of one to five — and then Molly will churn out two more options based on your feedback. This is how the AI learns so it can create something more up your alley. It also lets you view the layout on a variety of devices during this redesign process. With each of these different iterations, you can see the progress you have made, as they stay in the design tab.

If you are launching a blog with other writers, the Collaboration feature lets you handle the publishing of their content or give them access as collaborators. The whole interface, design process, and creation technique are done with a degree of uniformity.

The real perk is that as the world of web design is leaning towards a mobile-first mindset, The Grid has a solution: It has released a stellar Android application, available now in Google Play, and an app for iOS is coming soon. The Android version features a UI that fits well with the ecosystem and works just as nicely as the desktop version. In fact, you can even create a website on the go from your smartphone, something I did not think would be possible. I am eagerly awaiting the iOS version, but Android users can dive into website creation on the fly.

I have to say artificial intelligence and website design go hand in hand, and The Grid has a winner on its hands. If you are looking to make a blog or a portfolio in a snap, I would look no further than The Grid. You will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of this service and how much the platform can do. You can check out The Grid by clicking here! 

This post is sponsored by The Grid, but the opinions here are that of NJTechReviews.


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