Instagram is expanding it’s Story feature today with several new additions. And some of these copy Snapchat a bit, which comes as no surprise. However, they have Instagram take on them. Stickers are here, and they are festive for the holidays–featuring a Menorah and Christmas Tree, along with several others. I am expecting that more of them come with time.

You can also tag your location with a sticker; this works a bit different from Snapchat. As it pulls up the standard location tag for a post on the platform–this gives you a bit more preciseness. Time and weather can be added to an image as well. These stickers can be resized or spun around. Even better if you tap on them, the stickers will change to a different design.

All of this lets you customize the Story. You can also save an entire story now to your camera roll. Last but not least, Instagram has a hands-free mode for recording video now as well.


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