On Tuesday, NJTechReviews was on site atop One Times Square in New York City as workers were quite busy. The crew at Landmark Signs and Electric were installing 288 new Waterford Crystals on the world famous Times Square Ball. In total, there are 1,824 Waterford Crystals on the ball, and they replace around 288 every year.

The Gift of Kindness are uniquely designed with rosettes, that symbolize togetherness and coming together. The fronds of the roses reach out and intertwine showing connections that can be made. Each crystal weighs about 6.8 ounces, is 4.75-inches to 5.75-inches in length, and is about 3/8 of an inch thick.

These are durable crystals that have to withstand 365 days a year 470 feet in the air. This means they will get hit with heat, cold, snow, rain, sleet, wind, and basically anything that is thrown at them. Each set of crystals are attached to 268 Philips LEDs that are in an aluminum casing– there are several of these that get bolted together to make up the ball.

You can watch my chats with Tom Brennan a Master Artisan at Waterford Crystal and Michael Craig who is the President of Waterford for the Americas.


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