Dish is providing an excellent update to the Hopper DVR at CES 2017– They are partnering with Amazon’s Alexa for a new Voice Control feature. While this is not like Comcast’s voice control, in which you can request channels by using a button on the remote, it gets the job done. Instead, your existing Amazon Echo or even Echo Dot will connect with your Hopper DVR.

This is the first collaboration between a TV provider and Amazon’s Alexa service. Even better you don’t need to get a new Hopper DVR; this will work with all generations. Users can ask Alexa to search, change the channel, and more all with their voice. As an example, you could say “Switch to ESPN” or “Show Me Football Games.”

It appears that this new integration will be similar to Siri on the Apple TV. As Alexa has some artificial intelligence behind it, allowing you to ask some more unique questions. While we don’t have an exact rollout date for this Voice Control feature, it will happen in the first half of 2017.

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